city hall

Hey! 🙂 The sun is out, the temperature up my motivation doesn’t stop! Everyday I try to remember myself how happy and blessed I am living such an amazing life in this beautiful city. Trying to see the positive in life is sometimes really hard, but once you get used to it everything becomes easier. Here I am in front of the impressive city hall of Vienna. I love the architecture of the RingstraĂźe which is dominated by historicism. Wish you all an amazing day!

city hall 4/2014city hall 4/2014city hall 4/2014city hall 4/2014city hall 4/2014city hall 4/2014

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Hello guyssss, hope you’re all doing well! 🙂 Here you have an outfit from the other day. After a longish sick leave I’m happy to be back. Finally! I love this poncho so much. Unfortunately you can’t buy it online anymore, I mean I wouldn’t even know where it is from because it’s a second hand piece. Every time I’m wearing it, I get compliments for it. I don’t mind if its spring or fall, cause it basically is appropriate for any season. If you’re in a search for unique pieces definitely check out Vienna’s second hand shops!!

Poncho 4/2015 Poncho 4/2015 Poncho 4/2015 Poncho 4/2015 Poncho 4/2015 Poncho 4/2015

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Hello guys 🙂 aaahh, I’m so happy about the sunny days lately. To get at least a bit spring-ish I throw on these beautiful flowery pants which actually look more beautiful in close. The pattern is full of beautiful roses and other flowers. The other day I did some browsing through a couple of shops in search for spring clothes. I can tell you there are lots of beautiful clothes out now!!

OOTD 3/2015 OOTD 3/2015 OOTD 3/2015

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