Hey guys. Whilst we were walking past the Viennese Danube I couldn’t stop thinking about summer being actually around the corner. The smell and the sun on my skin instantly reminded me of laying on the beach and getting tanned. Amazing feeling though!! I haven’t yet decided where to spent my summer vacations. Do you have any ideas where to go!!? It is always so hard to decide which one to pick, out of soo many amazing destinations…

danube 5/2015


Hey guys, here a quick outfit from one of the days on our last trip. I kept it pretty warm because I rather be dressed too warm than too cold. I expected it to be way cooler than it actually was, so I only packed one pair of boots with me. The next time, I think, I will pack some more options to wear on a trip. Also I wanted to show you my hairband, isn’t it gorgeous?! Good morning btw! 🙂 I’m now off to some appointments and after that on my way to uni. Wish you all an amazing day! Kisses 🙂

ootd 5/2015

Fashionable in Berlin

Hey guyss,!! The black & white top I’ve paired with a bright green colored pants to make my outfit pop. Although, the sun was shining it still was chili outside so I had to layer some pieces. The pots were shot at the beautiful Palace Charlottenburg in Berlin. Those photos are one of the last ones you’re going to see of our trip. SONY DSC

Paris is, Berlin becomes II

Hey you, here are some more pictures of our trip to Berlin. Although Berlin had a really tragic and unbelievable history, it is still this big city with constant change and restlessness. Berlin is for sure the most presentable city when it comes to topics like fashion and lifestyle. So many cultures manage to live a more or less peaceful life together. Having so many different cultures around, brings also lots of benefits with it f.e. the food. You basically can eat anything you want at any time of the day! It is known for the open-minded and friendly people, for the never-ending parties and its second-hand shops/markets. We, for sure, want to visit this amazing city again to explore it even more. If you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely!

Olympic stadium Berlin

Olympic stadium Berlin


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