pink flowers

Hey guys, I’m just quickly showing you an outfit from the other day. What do you think about my new shoes?? I think they are soo ugly that they are kinda cool at the same time. But the biggest benefit they give is that they are too comfortable, seriously. ūüėÄ Howsoever, look at the beautiful flowers!! I’m truly a naturelover and I probably could watch documentaries about nature all day long!! Seeing such beauty makes me feel so blessed and happy! PINK FLOWERS 5/2015

leather dress

Hello guys, what a great¬†day we had. We met up with a lovely friend of us to visit the beautiful Sch√∂nbrunn Palace in Vienna. Almost a year ago we took our first pictures out there, I think I will always remember that. Back then it was also one of the first good weather days after a looong winter. I have to be honest with you, it was almost too hot to wear this leather dress. I’ve chosen to wear this little black vest to make it a bit more girly and sweet.

leather dress 4/2015

city park

What a beautiful view over the city park and its little vienna river. Taking a walk through the park you will catch some statues of famous Viennese artists, writers and composers f.e. the Johann Strauss Monument. The park was designed in the style of English gardens which I really like. The colors of the cloudless sky and the red of my pants add such brightness to the pictures.  city park 4/2015city park 4/2015 city park 4/2015city park 4/2015city park 4/2015 city park 4/2015city park 4/2015city park 4/2015city park 4/2015

city park 4/2015

DIY Hippie Pants

Hello guys! :)) hope you’re doing well!? The other day I was browsing through some shops in search of¬†light hippie-ish pants for the warmer weather. There are some beautiful out, but every piece had something I disliked on it. SO, suddenly the idea of sewing¬†my own one came through my mind. I didn’t think¬†this would go easy, but it did. For my first pants ever they do look pretty good!! ūüôā I already bought some new fabric for more projects. Hopefully my next piece will be turning out perfectly, I’ll do my best! ūüėÄ I love them much, the material is linen and perfect for the warm weather. Let me know what you think of them, maybe you have some ideas/suggestions or some design ideas as well?! kisses :))

DIY hippie pants 4/2015


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