stripes 6/2015Hey guys, here an another outfit from back in Budapest. I almost forgot about those pics. The main focus of this outfit is the skirt, obviously, striped with lots of beautiful colors. I wish you could feel the material! It almost feels like

all black

all black 6/2015

Hey guys, hope you’re having a great Tuesday so far! 🙂 I’m motivated to get some work done and to work out later. What are you up to this summer, any vacation planned?! I am looking forward to July to have some time

Budapest III

Here are some of the last pictures of Budapest. The majority of these pictures were taken at Pest. For those who don’t know, the part with the Castle is called Buda, the other side of the Danube is called Pest. You can see the big church called Basilika with the Palm tree on the side. In front of it there is this statue of the Policeman.

Budapest III 6/2015

Basilica church in Pest

Budapest II

Hey guys, here is an another load of pictures from Budapest. After crossing the massive chain bridge we went up to the Buda Castle to enjoy the amazing view. Some say it’s really hard to get up, others don’t. For us it wasn’t that hard. 😛 As u can see there is not one cloud on the sky, luckily! We also got to see the guardians of the castle, and how they traditionally got exchanged by other guardians. I filmed it too, so you will be able to see it soon! 🙂 I did not expected to see another city part of Budapest behind the Buda Castle. There was also a little market, that is for the tourists I suppose.

view down on Pest

view down on Pest


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