focus piece

Hey guys, Let us get over the hate Monday situation by transforming it into a fun day. It is obviously unnecessary to work/do something and to achieve goals in life. Instead of complaining about this and that, just try out to be thankful for every new week, new Monday every hour you get to live.

focus piece 6/2015 

bright orange

bright orange 6/2015

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well today. It’s Monday again, so lets look forward to a productive and fun week!! How bright and nice are those photos? I absolutely love the match of the blue and bright orange color. The jacket is actually


stripes 6/2015Hey guys, here an another outfit from back in Budapest. I almost forgot about those pics. The main focus of this outfit is the skirt, obviously, striped with lots of beautiful colors. I wish you could feel the material! It almost feels like

all black

all black 6/2015

Hey guys, hope you’re having a great Tuesday so far! 🙂 I’m motivated to get some work done and to work out later. What are you up to this summer, any vacation planned?! I am looking forward to July to have some time


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This blog gives us the opportunity to share our thoughts and to visualize memories, like a diary.

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