gentlemen’s choice

gentlemen's choice 8/2015
Hey guys, after a fun and eventful summer it is time to change the wardrobe into a more fall/winter appropriate one. In addition to the latest post we found some more pics of the look.  I started with the classic one, a fresh new grey suit. It is perfect for any occasion and it makes you look like a gentleman. Having the opportunity to start the day out in the beautiful Belvedere garden with the amazing view is such a blast. To top that experience off a hot coffee is a must, at least for me.gentlemen's choice 8/2015

gentlemens choice

Gentlemen choice 8/2015

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Hey, guys! After a long and fun summer we’re all back to work and ready for some more cooperations with the lovely Kroativ team. The linked picture will lead you to the latest article.

colorful looks

colorful looks 8/2015
Hey guys, I love wearing colors on rainy dark days to make them a bit brighter. They push you and give some motivation to go through such days. It is amazing to see people on the streets who are dressed colorfully. It instantly pushes you up and also lets them shine brighter.  colorful looks 8/2015


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