my weekend in pictures, a lot of Uni work and celebrations 

Hallo, this weekend my Uni started, I celebrated two birthdays and had breakfast at my sisters place. : ) A ver nice weekend though. It all started with breakfast one day, I didn’t even knew that there will be breakfast ready when I arrive. Such a nice surprise since I didn’t expected it. Anki & met up at some point that week and went for walks and a little shopping. We passed this new shop where they sell all kinds of doughnuts, so fun,  but as you can see there were not many left. hehe They tasted pretty nice but were not the freshest, since it was later in the day. 
I was search for a backpack some time by now and couldn’t finde one, typical!! So I had to carry all my Uni stuff in a bag which wasn’t the nicest to my back. Luckily yesterday a package arrived where I got two backpacks sent. I think one of those will be my new Uni backpack. yay
I got so much homework to do now so I will get to it Monday after work. I told myself it’s okay after three days of Uni ( 8am till 5pm!) , right? hehe
I’ll show you my new backpack at some point. 
Yesterday after Uni I went straight to the birthday party of my little niece. : ) Cutie was turning 4, she is so cute and got super happy when we arrive. They (her and her older sister 7) always run up to us when they see us coming, so cute! : ) I wouldn’t mind having such a welcome every single day. They celebrated the birthday in a huge Park next to them, such a great idea because there were lots of kids running around and playing. It was not raining, lucky! We expected rain, well thats what the forecast said so we got were nervous about that. Would be such a pity iff it did. The cake was an ice cream cake and super delicious! Some hours later Anki and I drove home and got ready quickly so that we could go to a second birthday party with adults. We drove to a bar where all the other people already were. After a couple of drinks we went to a club nearby and danced for hours. A pretty nice weekend all in all. Now I can’t wait to meet up with Anki and grab some late lunch! Favourite thing to do on Sunday. : ) Kisses, Branki



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