MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015Hey guys! A very important topic for me is my health and body fitness. My whole life I’ve been doing some kind of sport. For a little boy soccer was always the number one, of course. As I finished my school and started working, the most effective sport for me was exercising at the gym. We had the idea of including sport and fitness posts to our blog for a long time. With the PT Mathias Diallo we finally got the opportunity to do so. He is not just amazing as a personal trainer but as well as a human being. One of the main pros of this workout was that he not only shows you the exercises but also explain every aspect of it so that you learn a lot too. MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015

MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015The first thing Mathias did was analyzing my body and asking me all kinds of question to get a good overview of my body. That way he was able to create the perfect morning workout for me. The most important thing is to get your body and muscles warm with some cardio first.MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015

MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015Hamstrings: It often happens that athletes set their focus on the thigh muscles but absolutely forget about the importance of the hamstrings. This muscle is often weak and leads to tension. This is a very technical and functional exercise which help to get the balance back between the Agonist and the Antagonist.MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015

MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015One of my favorite exercises was the boxing. It does increase the heartbeat as well as  your concentration. 🙂MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015A functional workout for the leg abductors: These muscles stabilize the pelvis and help the spinal column to stay in its neutral position. The natural kinetic chain is maintained so that back pain can be prevented.MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015Abs-workout: A workout exerts a stimulus to the muscle which tries to adapt throughout the strength and increase in size. The muscle adapt very fast to the stimulus. Only By repeating this step regularly the adaptive response can be maintained. According to the principle of leverage the rolled up mat gives a new pulse.MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015Left:  static-passive STR (stretching, tensing, relax): A very effective and often used technique in the sports medicine to reduce muscle tone and to improve mobility. Right: pelvis swing: Loosening the spine with a Shiatsu technique. By relieving the spine and the surrounded muscles pain relief and optimization of the kinetic chain will be promoted. MORNING WORKOUT 9/2015After the great workout we, of course, had to take a picture together. The first workout is always very hard and can be not motivation. BUT trust me as soon as you get into it for a couple of weeks you’ll love it. So, if you’re thinking about your health and working out,  you can always ask Mathias for advice and book a workout.  I’ve linked his name to his Facebook profile which will give you more contact infos. ;)) P.s. let us know if your interested in such post so we can eventually do some more.