magical doors and white ruffles SARAFI 5/2017 nr6magical doors and white ruffles SARAFI 5/2017 nr1magical doors and white ruffles SARAFI 5/2017 nr4magical doors and white ruffles SARAFI 5/2017 nr5old dress & shoes by Zara 

Hey guys! : ) How beautiful is this big turquoise door? One day I was walking around the city when my big sister and I discovered this beauty! I knew I had to get some pics there. hehe Don’t you just love it too?
Since it was that hot I could only wear something light and breeze, like this ruffle dress. You know those days when you’re sweating while doing nothing. hehe So this dress was the perfect option for that day. : )
Anyways, I’ve started today with a beautiful breakfast consisting of oats, almond milk and a banana. : ) Plus my Lemon water which I just can’t skip at all. After that I went to the gym and had a killer workout. hehe I love it!

After the gym I went home, had a shower and now I’m typing this. I am a bit bored today, I guess thats how it is when everyone else is working… I think its going to start raining any minute, so I am gonna chill at home and do something hehe.
What are you guys up to today? Motivated as I am? heh 



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