LONG COATS 10/2015 Hey guys. 🙂 One of the most amazing things of the fall and winter seasons are the coats that come with it. Since there are so many designs of them they are just perfect for every occasion. Plus they keep you very warm. I discovered for myself, the longer the coat is the better. I bought those overknees a while ago, but as I imagined it they keep coming into fashion almost every season.LONG COATS 10/2015

LONG COATS 10/2015The photos were shoot by Jiayan Liu, a photographer we met at MQVFW 2015. I love the bright red color of this little dress. It matches the red/orange stripes of the coat very well. Everything I am wearing is from Zara besides the little bag, which is from H&M. Now I and Branx are off to have some fun outside! Have a nice weekend everyone. <3 LONG COATS 10/2015