LEOPARD PRINTS 10/2015Hey! 🙂 I never, in a million years, thought that one day I will put some leopard print clothing piece on. For me you either love or hate those kinds of print. Since I managed to  turn my hate for olives into actually really loving them, I decided to try it out with clothes too. I was always interested in stepping gout of my comfort-zone. Being confident mostly comes with getting older, I thought. But, as I discovered for myself and learn from people with great confidence you have to change things, challenge yourself, face fears in order to grow. Wearing leopard printed pants isn’t a huge deal, but it still helps a bit. 🙂 LEOPARD PRINTS 10/2015 I am completely dressed in Zara besides the shoes. They are from Humanic and my new favorite winter shoes. Unfortunately we forgot to take close up photos of them. Those photos were also taken by Jiayan Liu, the photographer we met at the MQVFW 2015.LEOPARD PRINTS 10/2015