Morning guys, hope you enjoy life right now!! I’m happy to be able to tell you that my second design is finished!! Since it is summer, I thought it would be time to create a light weight dress for the beautiful days. I’ve chosen this pattern out of organic cotton to get some summer vibes while wearing clothes 7/2915 green clothes 7/2915I am so motivated to create more clothes, as my next project I’m thinking about some skirts or pants to design. Look how perfect the straps color math with the hat. I love when things get together unintentional. green clothes 7/2915 green clothes 7/2915I absolutely adore these sunnies that I got back in Berlin because they are the perfect cat-eye shape for my face. I’ve chosen to take the cream white band to go as shoulder straps. Let me know what you think of the dress? Does it look good? Also I did not sew the straps on the dress so that way I can actually wear it multiple ways! 🙂 green clothes 7/2915 green clothes 7/2915 green clothes 7/2915