Lunch time with Twini <3 

Hey guys. Yesterday Anki and I went for a quick and late lunch at Vapiano. As usual. : ) We like the food, it is simple and yummy most of the time. It depends on to which one you go to. I had a cesare salad with extra salmon and senf-ruculla dressing. I love it.
I woke up this morning with toothache (not regular thoothache) on the left side, it feels like someone kicked me in my face during sleep. Oh well, perfect for NYE celebration don’t you think? hehe Anyways, the older I get the less important seems to be to celebrate NYE and to party. I guess that is how it gets when your older. Today I am gonna spend my day with studying for my upcoming exams at uni. I am so unmotivated!  But I have to, I want to! In the evening we are driving to some friends who are having a NYE party at their flat. We are gonna stay there until after midnight and then soon head home. Going out into clubs is not that fun at NYE, too many people and high expectations. You know what I mean.. I wish you a lot of fun tonight! Kisses Branki