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 → All pieces from ESPRIT 

Hey hey, get that colour on for summer! I LOVE colourful clothes for summer, spring even for winter. They just make your mood and you look bright and fun.
Here you can see my colourful favourites from Esprit.. You can’t miss on wearing blue colours basically every summer, they remind me of the marine, sea and the beautiful blue sky. It think the skirt (nr.7) is that perfect jeans skirt I was look for a long time. I created some outfits as you can see, their gonna look so nice on! The red/orange colour is a perfect choice, it makes my tan even darker-looking. ; ) You know I really need any tricks that will make me look tan, since I am paaalee. Just a little tip for you if you’re the same. White will also do that for you, imagine yourself being tanned and wearing some white crisp clothes. I think that combo looks good on everyone, don’t you agree? Some of the pieces are on sale right now, so don’t miss out! 

I never was a big fan of white sneakers up to recently, but now I am all about that. My wishlist is basically full of them. hehe
Anyhow, my day started at 6 in the morning and ended up at 20:30, so I was very exhausted when I came home. Plus it was around 34°C (I’m not complaining about that), which made me even more tired. Ahh, I still don’t realise that it’s full on summer here, SO nice. I hope I can get to a swimming pool this week to relax and tan a bit. : ) What are your plans for the week? Are you going on Holidays somewhere by the sea? Let me know what you think about my summe wishlist and what your fav piece is. Kisses, Branx. 





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