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Anki’s dress & bag – old from Zara, shoes HERE 

Hey Babes, here some pics from our Weekend Dinner with my sisters. : ) I still don’t feel 100% right after a long party night! It’s not that I was so drunk, it’s more the hungover I get ever if I drink 3 drinks ( like beer or wine). We started the day with our dinner at Pancho, mexican food restaurant, I had salmon with potatoes and spinach-chilli mix. It was very good I have to say. It’s one of my four sisters fav restaurant. ; )
After a drink or two there we went for some party at a club in Vienna. I have to say I was not so happy about their staff/service!!

Anyhow, we met up with some friends and had a lot of fun! It started to get light outside again, so we decided that it’s best to drive home and eat. hehe I always have to eat after a night out, it makes me feel so much better the next day. A friend came with us, so we decided to stay up a bit longer and enjoy the sun at the terrace. It was so nice to have some sun before bedtime. It was just so nice that we decided to go out by the Donau and chill there a bit more. We took our makeup off, put bathing clothes on and went straight to the Alte Donau. By that time it was 8 in the morning. hehe We haven’t done such thing in a long time, so it was time for it! All of us played down in the sun and slept till 10, on the grass in our swimwear!! hahaha What a night! : ) I even got sunburnt, but just a little bit on my back so it’s fine.
We ended up napping/ eating/ bathing for a while until it was time for Family dinner again.
We drove home, had a quick shower and went straight there. MORE food, yes! ; )

All in all it has been such a nice day!  I just got home from work and now its errands, errands and more errands time. I wish you a great start to the week, what a beautiful Monday we have! Branx ♥