one of my fav. pic of little Klara <3 uuhhh those little chubby cheeks <3 

Damn it, a day after Christmas a massive flu hit me, and a part of my family. I almost never get sick, like I am now. Yesterday was the worst day so far, plus I was working the whole day, so that added to it. Today I am feeling better already! Yay! 
Look at my little niece, I am in that mood right now! Sleeping and relaxing. Here she was just a few days old and so cozy. I mean she is still but a bit bigger (a lot bigger hehe). She loves to sleep, cutie! <3 Her parents are very lucky to have her, she is so easy to handle, only cries a bit when she is hungry. Otherwise she smilies and is just a happy little girl! : ) She is almost about to start crawling or walking and is more consious about her surroundings. <3 Can’t wait until she starts speaking to me! hehe 
Ok enough of her, I could talk on and on about her. ; ) Have you any ideas for NYE? Party or chill at home? I don’t really want to go clubbing but I wan’t to do something. We are invited to a homeparty, so that will be fun but I don’t think we will go clubbing if the rest decide to.
I am gonna chill out now, watch some friends probably and then go to sleep. Good night! Branki