brown suit 9/2015Hey guys. For me the perfect autumn color is definitely brown! It does perfectly collaborate with the surrounding of brown and yellow leafs. But be careful of the undertones to the colors, they can make you look amazing as well as sick. First of all you have to determine wether you’re a cool or a warm or neutral.

  1. Gold or Silver Test (What makes your skin glow? Your eyes look clear and bright?)
  2. Vein Test ( Are you veins green or blue? Green is warm, and blue is cool )
  3. Eye Test ( Are you eyes cool or warm? )
    Then you have to look at yourself and see what hair color you have.
    Light hair color: blonde, light brown, light red OR
    Dark Hair: dark brown, dark red, and black.  By knowing this you can make you always look bright and amazing.brown suit 9/2015

brown suit 9/2015What do you think of my new glasses? Unfortunately my favorite ones broke a couple of weeks ago. So sad, but I think I’ll be able to find similar ones again. The silver detailing is THE one thing that made me buy them! brown suit 9/2015

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