Hey peopss, hope you’re doing well! 🙂 The warmer it gets the shorter and lighter the fabrics, I guess.haha This is what I am actually wearing today. I love the bright orange skirt, which was a gift from my lovely twin Branx! <3 Actually she has the same, but in a different color. It is made of a velvet material so it is super cozy and warm.checked crop top 7/2015 checked crop top 7/2015 checked crop top 7/2015 Seeing the combination of these two bright colors makes me happier. The crop top is designed by my twin sister!! I think she did such an amazing job at creating it and sewing everything together. The idea of designing your own clothes is such a fun a unique way of letting your creativity flow. Also, we dream about our own brand, how cool would that be! 😀 checked crop top 7/2015checked crop top 7/2015checked crop top 7/2015 ..look at how bright and red my lips look like., the color pops even more with this outfit combination and the filter. Kisses to you! <3 :*checked crop top 7/2015checked crop top 7/2015 checked crop top 7/2015

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