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The moods got me today

What a DAY!
Ahhhrgg, Today it seems like nothing is working, I couldn’t even get the freaking pasta right! : ( First the veggies got burnt, the sauce turned out too watery and it didn’t tasted good. : ( Now I am eating pringles chips because I didn’t got satisfied. I usually never reach for them, but I had to try them out. The only thing that could make me happy is the greco salad from Vapiano or a Pizza!! mmh yumm

I am sure all of you have those days where you feel like you’re getting crazy. Maybe it all started with a bad night of sleep, or it is hormonal, or both! haha The best combination, I can tell you!  But you know what, there are better days to come. Hopefully, hehe.
Besides me feeling tired and not so happy, the weather was beautiful. I got to spend some nice hours with my twinnie before she had to go to her nail appointment. : ) They turned out great! Now she’s is having Uni, till 10pm, poor girl.
A very good thing that makes me super happy is that only 12 days are left until I’m becoming an auntie!!! Oh I can’t wait, it’s gonna be so much fun to have a little baby running around.. I should say TWO little babies, because we already have a little cute boy! <3  : )
Ending this post on a good note makes me a bit happier. ; ) I hope you had a great night, kisses. Branx 



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get to know us #twinlife 4/2017 SARAFIhere are some facts about us you may not know!  (Anki left, Branki right) 

25 fact about us

We lived in Croatia until the age of 8
Our zodiac sign is Leo (birthday date 27th of July)
We are identical twins, therefor we look the same (our DNA is the same, just our fingerprints are different)

People never knew who is who, and almost never call us by our real names

Our family calls us SEKE (seka = singl. for little sister, seke = plrl.)
(when we were litte they just called after “Seka” and who first reacted to the call was the one to be called ) hehe
Teachers never knew who is who so we cheated and changed names hehe
We have the special 7th sinn, (whenever one is not feeling ok the other one feels it to, or know what the other one is thinking !!)
There is one story I can prove it to be true!  LISTEN!

Anki used to work as a beautician. One day she had a big accident where she burnt her whole leg with boiling water. They had to call the emergency to get to the hospital and to save her skin.
The same day, I woke up around 10 O’clock (I remember this day so clearly!!) As soon as I open my eyes I felt so much anxiety and I felt all over the place, I knew something was wrong. So I instantly look at my phone to check and to see if Anki has texted me as usual. I look @ my phone and saw that I had lots of missed calls from Anki. She was smart and knew that I would panic like crazy so she wrote “I am okay and I am at the hospital. I had an accident at work. Can you come to the hospital?”‘

We somehow created our own language, so almost nobody understands what we’re saying when we speak to each other

We share almost everything, clothes, makeup, money etc. (but not shoes, Anki wears 38, Branki 39)
If  Anki gets a blister, Branki feels it at the same spot 
jokes* hhahah
When we moved to Austria 2000, we had to learn German from scratch
We speak 3 Languages fluently – German, Croatian & English (to be exact we speak 5 LanguagesBUT because Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian are pretty much the same we sum it up)

 Branki got her leg broken whilst playing soccer with the boys. Anki never had a broken bone
(Thank God!!, it should stay so! #prayers)

When we moved to Austria we were sent to the 3rd grade at School instead of the 2nd (1st grade we finished in Croatia) because our skills were on the 3rd grade level
(but because we had no german language skills we soon got sent back at the 2nd grade to learn the language properly)

If one cries the other starts too
We used to wear the same clothes and to sit next to each other at School
We like different type of men (appearance)
We love Tomato – EVERYTHING (the vegetable, juices, snacks…) & we LOVE fresh healthy food!!!
We love taking long walks

Anki is 2cm smaller than Branki
We HATE people who are not kind to others, what you put into the universe gets back to you!!!!!

We both got the same tattoo at the same spot (between our boobies) (Anki has got a small part of Branki’s EKG-heartbeat and vice versa)
Anki has got another tattoo, the same one our grandma had on her hand

Our grandma had tattoos all over her hands/arms, she tattooed them herself!!! <3

We love watching DOCUMENTARIES about mother earth, animals etc.

We never spent time apart, the longest were couple of days

Our first flight ever was to London just a couple of years ago hahah

So guys we hope you learned a couple of new things about us. hehe More to come if you’re interested. : )

Kisses and hugs, your SEKE 😉 


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my day through the phone SARAFI 3/2017 Nr1my day through the phone SARAFI 3/2017 Nr1my day through the phone SARAFI 3/2017 Nr1my day through the phone SARAFI 3/2017 Nr1had such a nice day yesterday!
Asos hat, Zara top, velvet leggings by Bershka 

I guess everyone and their mothers where so excited about the weather yesterday! AAHHHHH, so amazing! Of course I had to spend my day outside, what else. We chilled out in the beautiful sun had some drinks there. After a while of doing nothing we decided that it was time to get active. We love cycling so that seemed like a great idea. It was the first time we did that this year. It was very fun to cycle at Prater Hauptallee for a while. I can tell you it is very exhausting! hehe Anki, her boyfriend Christian and I were dead after cyclin over 10km. 
After that we thought it was about time to fuel our bodies with delicious food. We went for the classic, Vapiano. I managed to try something new, a smocked salmon pasta, heavenly!! 
I am trying to organise my life today, I already did quite a bit this morning. Afterwards I am for sure heading out, cause the weather is just as beautiful today! : ) 
What are your plans for today? Kisses Branx

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