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Hey! : ) Here is my day through the phone. Today was a holiday in Austria so almost everyone was off of work. Its is so nice with an extra day in the week without work. I think everyone loves those days, especially in the middle of the week. hehe 
I started my day pretty late, around 10 O’clock in the morning, had breakfast, skipped : P my workout and met up with Anki by the old Danube around 14:00pm . She was already there with a friend and her little boy, when I woke up.

It was so packed there, huch, and loooots of little kids where running around. I’ve never been there before and was positively surprised. It is a very beautiful area and you get such a relaxed vibe there. It almost feels like you’re by the sea. I got some sun to tan when I arrived but soon we were stuck in the shade, as I said it was packed.

It was around 4pm when we left the old Danube behind & drove home. We decided to grab some food and ice cream in the city. : ) A very nice end to a great day. Tomorrow means back to work & I need to start my studies for Uni. woohoo : P 
Have  a great night guys, talk to you tomorrow. Kisses, Branki

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today’s look,..pants Zara Sale – similar HERE, shoes Asos – similar HERE, belt – HERE, top Zara sale – similar HERE 

Hallo, I woke up pretty early this morning to go to work. I love working in the morning, being out in the city at 6:30 o’clock is so nice. There are almost no people out and the city seems so calm and cozy. haha I don’t know if it is only me or if anyone else thinks like that… Lately I’m all about the naps, I have to nap after work (probably because I don’t get enough sleep..) otherwise I will be so tired the rest of the day. Today’s nap was a long one, I was like ” I’m only gonna have a short nap of half an hour. It ended up being 3 hours. haha 
This was my look today with the comfiest sweater ever! As you already know I love this colour so much. : ) It will also look good with black jeans and boots. The white sneakers are a classic one, when it comes to blue jeans. ; ) 

Btw. look at my freakin baby-hair, it is so annoying I have to put 100 hair clippers into it. Even then they fly out like yolo. haha 
I took the big camera with me but realised that I’ve forgotten to put in the sd card when we arrived at Vapiano. typical. The food was delicious, my Anki invited me to celebrate because I got such good news today!! 
Now it is time to relax a bit and enjoy the rest of this evening. Kisses, Branki 





 having a typical day in my life + post workout chips & Ice cream (hupsii hehe ) 

Hello Friends! : ) A typical day in my life, workout, good breaky and some treats. hehe I had a very successful day today, got so many little things done! You know those things you can’t be bothered doing and always say “I’ll do it tomorrow”… But you actually never do. I feel so good now & my brain feels lighter, because I don’t have to think of my to do list all the time. : ) aaahhh
My day started with lots of E-Mails, planning, bill-paying etc.. I finish around 14:00 and went straight to my workout, I usually go earlier, because I feel so much better afterwards. Please, try it for yourself! Of course I sometimes have to force myself to go, but on those days it is especially important to JUST GO! You feel so proud of yourself if you go! ; )

Anyways, look at my yummy breakfast, so simple but delicious! : ) In the mornings, I always can’t wait to eat breakfast, it gets me excited for the day and happy! No one wants a cranky/hangry girl! ; ) hehe  

One thing I have to stop though is treating myself! I always think, if I work out I can trat myself. I mean it is okay to do so every now and then, but not EVERY FREAKING DAY!! I mean I am lean but if I continue so, I don’t think it will go the way I plan to. I never had problems with my weight, and probably never will because of my genes. But still, it is unhealthy. I have a goal with my physique that I want to reach and it is very important to stick with a healthy diet! Especially when it comes to the last bits, I hope  you know what I mean? Oh well.. 

Today I also met with Anki after her work and we went for a walk and ice cream. Back home we were surprised by our little nieces and their mommy. hehe Those girls are SO CUTE!! <3 It is so fun to have them around and to see them growing up, even though they are still small (6 year old and 3 year old) I have to say for their age they are veeeery clever! hehe ; )
It’s getting late right now, so I am off to bed and hopefully a good night of sleep
Kisses, Branx




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