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Picture diaries from our adventures.


streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017 nr. 4streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017 nr. 3streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017streets of amsterdam SARAFI 4/2017exploring the streets of Amsterdam

Last week we went to Amsterdam to visit the City.  When we travel to a new city we always do the free-tours. If you don’t know what it is, basically it is a tour around the city held by a local, mostly they are Students. Since we did one years ago in Budapest we always do them. It is a fantastic opportunity to see the city through the eyes of a local. They give you recommendations where to go, what to eat etc.

So, we did one in Amsterdam, although it was raining most of the time while we did the tour we still have fun doing the free tour. I was surprise that the highest point of Amsterdam is just a bit over a meter high. If you visit Amsterdam go check out the china town, it is small but the food there is very delicious.

You also should do a boat tour, that was probably the best part. It is very relaxing and you can see the houseboats and how the locals live there. A special thing in Amsterdam is that the buildings are built leaning forward because the doors and the buildings are very small, they need the angle to pull the furniture up the building on a rope, which they fix on the top of the building.

Of course, you should visit the red-light districts, that Amsterdam is famous about, but you should visit it at night where the streets are lighted by the red lights. We also went to a coffeeshops to drink a beer. The first thing I had to do is show my ID card, as always, and then the doorman was very surprised that I am already 25 years old, as always..  You also can smoke marihuana in Amsterdam, you are able to do it in the coffeeshops.

You need to be careful while crossing the streets not because of the cars but because of the cyclists and the scooters.

Take care, your Anki.

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crystal clear

crystal clear_SARAFI_8_2016

crystal clear_SARAFI_8_2016

crystal clear_SARAFI_8_2016 Hey guys. Look at this beautiful Sea, I feel like the more I am traveling the seaside of Croatia the more I fall in love with it! There is something so special and magical about the seaside. The never-ending horizon, the sound and smell of it makes me feel so calm.
I can’t wait to get back there again! I am thinking about buying my own house or flat by the sea one day. It would be so amazing to have my own space there and to be able to stay whenever I want to. : ) Have you ever been to Croatia? What are your fav places to stay there? I am sure I haven’t see a lot of it even though I am often there! Peace Ivo ; )

Hallo! Schaut euch dieses schöne Meer an. Ich habe das Gefühl je mehr ich von Kroatien sehe desto mehr verliebe ich mich. Das Meer hat für mich etwas magisches, besonderes an sich, mit dem Horizont der nie zu Enden scheint & dem Klang des Meeres. Ich fühle mich so wohl und entspannt am Meer.
Ich kann es kaum abwarten wieder hin zu fahren. Ich glaube eines Tages möchte ich mir ein Haus/Wohnung am Meer kaufen um immer dort sein zu können. Wart ihr schon mal in Kroatien ? Wo gefällt es euch am besten? Ich bin mir sicher noch einiges von Kroatien nicht gesehen zu haben, Peace Ivo ; ) 

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sea side

seaside_SARAFI_7_2016 seaside_SARAFI_7_2016

Hey guys! hope you’re doing well! I am so enjoying my vacations right now. Sometimes when your on vacation mode you get so lazy. haha but it is so nice! : ) How are you? The internet down here isn’t that great, which is kind of good because you’re not constantly checking your phone although you would like to! haha Look at all those beautiful palm trees. Being on the sea side is so relaxing to me. The air the sea, one day I’ll live in such a place. I hope so at least. ; ) Ivo, greetings from Croatia.

Hallo Leute! Ich hoffe euch geht es gut! Ich genieße meinen Urlaub voll und ganz. Manchmal kommt man in so ein faul sein, dass man das Gefühl hat nie wieder raus zu kommen. haha Wie gehts euch? Das Internet hier ist nicht besonders gut, was einerseits gut ist da man nicht ständig aufs handy schaut, obwohl man es gerne würde. Schaut euch die wunderschönen Palmen an. Bei Meer zu sein entspannt mich total, ich hoffe eines Tag in so einer Umgebung wohnen zu können. ; ) Ivo, Grüße aus Kroatien. 

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