Hey guys, greeting from the beautiful Budva I’m currently at!! It is so amazing over here, I can’t believe that this is the first time I’m over here. Anyway, If you’re not on vacations right know you probably want me to stop being crazy about. 😀 This is an outfit we shot before I went on summer vacations.
blue suite 7/2014 blue suite 7/2014 I love this combination of stripes and the deep blue. I think this is a suit I will be able wearing for a long time.The pants being kinda short to the leg, is absolutely fine cause, it makes them being more summery and breezy. Later I’ll give you some more detailed pictures of the outfit! But for now thats enough cause I got to go. rock on! blue suite 7/2014 blue suite 7/2014 blue suite 7/2014  blue suite 7/2014

GET THE LOOK: Suit , NAGY hat, DW Watch