my skincare routine by ZO MEDICAL – by Zain Obagi

Hey guys, here is my skincare routine. I never really had a proper skincare routine, until the last couple of years. My skin suddenly got really bad so I had to do something, prompt!! I also took ciscutan, which is a medical treatment. It helped so much, and now I only use those products to maintain a nice skin. You can not buy those products in the stores, they are only available at specialists. If some of you want to try them out I can give you my dermatologist’s contact info. They are really good for my skin and help a lot, they better be because they are pretty expensive.
I wash my face (almost hehe) every morning and night either with the exfoliating cleanser or the hydrating one and put the Balatone T
oner on after drying my face. I use the Ossential Daily Defense Cream after the cleanse. It is that simple, I don’t like to put much on my skin. I think the less the better for it. I occasionally use the Sulfur Masque which helps to get rid of pimples fast. They usually go away overnight, if I use the masque before.
I also used the Retamax – Active Vitamine A, which has around 1% retinol ( I think) before summer. You are not supposed to use it in summer because of the sun (your skin can get very sensitive and burn easier). Retinol is one of the “secret weapons” of people with beautiful skin. Of course, there are some lucky ones with naturally perfect skin, but I mean those with really flawless amazing skin. hehe
So that is my skincare routine, simple and easy. : ) Kisses, Branki. 






Why is SPF so important for our skin?!

I always very shocked to see people who are sunburned, laying in the sun to get the ultimate tan, without even thinking about sunscreen.

There is different solar radiation some are visible and others not. The ultraviolet radiation is very interesting when it comes to sunscreen. Especially the UVA and UVB radiation. I will explain to you, which radiation can cause which skin problems.

The UVA radiation causes the skin ageing (so called Photoaging). The sun is the biggest influence that cause skin ageing. Because of the UVA we get a fast and direct tan but it doesn´t last long. The radiation causes redness on the skin and gets also through glass.

The UVB radiation invades deeper into the skin and can easier cause sink cancer. Because of the UVB radiation the tan doesn´t fade as quickly. They cause sunburns in the three various stages.

The skin can protect itself naturally, for example the hair on your head, the sweat, the pigments in your skin. The skin owns repair mechanisms to heal itself but you shouldn´t rely on that.

It is important to protect your skin with sunscreen because we often underestimate the intensity of the sun and it happens fast to get sunburned. You can easy get overwhelmed to choose the right SPF. There is a formula to calculate the right SPF.

The skins natural protecting time x SPF = the time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned. The skins natural protecting time is the time you can stay in the sun without getting red, without a tan or a sunscreen on. Usually lighter skin toned people can stay 3 min. or more and deeper skin toned people up to 40 min in the sun without getting red.

Even if the sunscreens claim to be waterproof, you still should put on sun cream after swimming to make sure not to burn your skin. Like I said not putting sunscreen on can cause skin cancer and you have the one skin your whole life so you should take diligent care.

Sunscreen is also important in the winter, because it is about the ultraviolet radiation that has a considerable influence on our skin.

My favorite Face-sunscreen is the Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Fluid, ultra-light sunscreen-fluid. The fluid doesn´t leave a white residue, it is not thick and it sinks in the skin very fast and after that you can´t feel it on the skin.

So, don´t forget to put on your sunscreen!

Kisses Anki




First, I want to say, I love Make up. I was thinking for a long time, that I want to share my favorite Make up items with you. For me it is very interesting what others use and love, so I want to share my favorites with you today. I list them in the order how I would use them. I had to say that my skin is a combination skin. I get oily in my T-Zone and my cheeks tend to be dry. The products will perform different on different skin types.


First, I always apply a primer, because I really see the difference when I don’t apply a primer. The Make Up stays put longer and always looks better with the primer underneath. The application is much smoother and the foundation will stay put for a longer time. After I put my moisturizer on I will wait a few minutes so that it sinks into the skin and then I will put the primer on. My recent favorites are KRYOLAN Ultra Underbase und MANUKA DOCTOR ApiRefine CC Cream SPF20.


After I applied the primer I put on my liquid foundation. For me liquid foundations are the easiest to apply, they look very nice and smooth looking. I always use matt foundations because my T-Zone gets oily. I tried many liquid foundations and found two that are looking very nice on my skin. They are long wearing they don’t move or budge and don’t settle into fine lines. One is from CATRICE, All Matt Plus – Shine Control Make-Up and the other is from ARTDECO, High Definition Foundation. I also tried other products from these brands and I really liked them to.


Most of the time I use the concealer after I put on my foundation, but you can do it the other way around too. I love to test out ne concealers and always search for new launches and better options. It was a bit difficult to choose my favorites but I choose two that I like a little bit more than my others. My favorites are from L` OREAL PARIS, Perfect Match Concealer and MAC, Pro Longwear Concealer.


After that I will apply my powder. I must admit that I didn’t try out many powders. I don’t want to buy something, waste money and then don’t use the powder because I don’t like it. A few months ago, I found a powder that I use since I got it. It is a powder foundation, it is very fine milled that it doesn’t cake up my make-up and it looks very natural. It is important to set your liquid foundation with a powder so the make-up will stay put and don’t smudge. I am talking about the BAREMINERALS® BAREPRO™, Performance Wear Powder Foundation. To set my undereye area I use the DERMACOLOR translucent Fixing powder. You just need a little bit.


Because I am very pale one of my favorite beauty products are contouring and bronzing make-up. With them I can create a sun-kissed look to my face. For me, as a pale person it is very hard to find the right shade because most contouring and bronzing products have orange undertones. Luckily, I found one, it is a bronzer that I really love. It is the CATRICE, Sun Glow Mineral Bronzing Powder. It is the perfect shade for my skin tone and is silky and smooth and very easy to apply. The bronzer has a nice sheen, shimmer and it leaves the skin glowing. Another favorite that I really love and use daily, has the perfect shade for my skin tone is the THE BALM, Bahama Mama Bronzer, Shadow & Contour Powder.


Next Product I will apply is the blush, it depends on my mood which color I want to apply. So, either I take my MILANI Backed Blush in 05 Luminoso, that is one of my all-time favorites because it is so smooth and easy to apply with the most beautiful sheen to it, or I choose one of the ESSENCE, Silky touch blushes. I got them in diverse colors and love them all.


After I applied the blush I will highlight certain areas of my face, the highest points of my cheeks, the inner corner of my eyes and the browbone. Now, I basically use just one product, my favorite SLEEK, Solstice Highlighting Palette. It is very useful because there are three different highlighters in the pallet.

Make up Setting Spray:

A setting spray is one of the products I can´t live without any more. They set the make up in place so nothing is going to budge. The specially thing about setting spray is that they make the powders disappear on your face and melt together with your skin. My favorite now is the ESSENCE, Keep It Perfect Make Up Fixing Spray and the URBAN DECAY, All Nighter Long Lasting Make-up Setting Spray.

Eyes and Eyebrows:

To control my eyebrows, I use just one product and it does work out very well for me. Before this one I used another one that’s was that bad. What I like about this product is that the bristles a small and so I don’t get the product all over the face. The Eye brow gel I rave about is the ESSENCE, Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara. It is affordable but has an excellent quality.

My favorite eyeshadows of all time are the CATRICE, Single Eyeshadow Mono. I especially love the metallic shimmery brown tones that in my opinion suites my eyes very well.

At least but not last I will tell you about my favorite mascara. I tried a few and I come back to this one every time. It is the L´ OREAL, Volume Million Lashes in black. This mascara gives me volume, length and separates my lashes. I love it.

Kisses, Anki




Catrice Camouflage

catrice-camouflage-concealer catrice-camouflage-concealer-2

Hey guys, how are you? I quit work a bit earlier today because I started earlier.hehe I had to run some errands and to get a new Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer again! I had to get three of them because they are SO good and SOOO affordable!! I got the color 005. I would say, that this concealer is even better or as good as my Mac concealer. This one I like a bit more especially because it feels like nothing on your skin but has so much coverage!! <3 When you touch your face it doesn’t transfer & the colour is just right! Most of the time the concealers in drugstores always have pink undertones, but not this one!! I am very pale as well, so it is very hard to find the right shade, one that is not too dark for my skin. haha I almost need a true wall white colour to match my face. haha It being waterproof is just right for this time of the year. ; )
I never really was into makeup when I was a teenager. I guess I didn’t needed it, my skin was perfekt, no pimples or anything like that. At that time I was more interested in other things. hehe But nowadays I love makeup, it is so fun to play with it and to sometimes dress up! Branx : *
Hallo Leute, wie gehts euch? Ich bin etwas früher von der Arbeit gegangen da ich früher begonnen habe. haha I musste paar Erledigungen machen und mit den Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer besorgen. I habe mir gleich drei gekauft, weil die SO gut und SOOO günstig sind! Ich habe die Farbe 005 genommen. Ich würde sagen, dass dieser Concealer genau so gut oder sogar  besser ist als mein Mac Concealer! Diesen mag ich besonders gerne, weil er nicht “abfärbt” wenn man sein Gesicht anfasst und die Deckkraft einfach super ist. <3 Meistens haben die Concealer im Geschäft einen starken pinken Unterton, aber nicht dieser!! Ich bin sehr blass und es fällt mir sehr schwer die richtige Farbe zu finden da sogut wie alle Produkte ab einem dunkleren Hautton beginnen. haha Ich brauche schon fast eine Farbe die so weiß ist wie weiße Wandfarbe. Diese Concealer ist sogar wasserfest, also perfekt für diese Jahreszeit. ; )
Ich habe früher nie wirklich makeup getragen oder mich dafür interessiert. Mein Haut war perfekt, ich hatte nie Pickel oder sonst etwas. Zu der Teenager Zeit war ich eher an anderen Dingen interessiert. hehe Heutzutage liebe ich Makeup, so wenig davon kann so viel bewirken. Es macht Spaß sich zu schminken und manchmal aufzubrezeln! hehe : * Branx