Suggested beauty inventions by the fashion and lifestyle blogger sarafi. Hey you guys. ūüôā ¬†Since a couple of people in my surrounding don’t¬†know what a beauty blender is or haven’t heard of dry shampoo before, I decided to write a little article about all the products they should know. Obviously, there are too many to discuss all of them but at least I could show you my top favorite ones. Something that really saves my life is dry shampoo. It helps you to get rid of the oils in your hair and to make it look fresh.( f.e this¬†dry shampoo)¬†Once you get it, you can’t live without it, a beauty blender. It is a little sponge that helps you apply your makeup evenly with a flawless finish. BUT you have to make sure it is damp, you do not want to use it dry! After applying your makeup you want it to last all day long. For those long days you should set your makeup with a fixing spray, which is my next favorite. I suggest¬†you the Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray. If you have a nice occasion or a wedding that takes¬†a long time¬†you may get sweaty and oily on your¬†face. For that you should try¬†blotting paper.¬†By gently pressing it to the shiny parts of your face it removes the oils/sweat but doesn’t rub off any makeup.¬†The next beauty invention may sound a bit controversial but will help you so much in removing your makeup. Cleansing oils, are one of my top favorites after a long day. They remove your makeup completely from mascara to waterproof makeup, everything! Basically every skin type¬†can use them even oil skin types. The reason¬†why you have oily skin may¬†be the lack of moisture and care, so your skin is like panicking and producing too much oil to protect it because of the lack. Of all the cleansing oils I tried, camomile silky cleansing oil by the body shop is my number one. All of those products aren’t that expensive so you should definitely try them out. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below. May you have some more beauty inventions that we should try?? Kisses :*