Hey babes! : ) I had a very early start to my day today. I am so tired now, because I haven’t had the best night of sleep. Anyways, I was at the hospital with my brothers wife all morning. I never saw as many pregnant women in my life before. haha So, since she is very close to delivering the baby the doctor recommended her not to walk around alone for a long time. It could happen any day, so that she has someone to help her in that case. Seeing so many pregnant women I almost felt like pregnant. haha 

Anyways, I am happy to wake up early especially on such beautiful days! Here is my look from yesterdays, all white and crisp. I love it. You look and feel so fresh, for some reason. : ) You all know that I love comfy and loose.. I don’t even have to say it anymore. hehe 

I am gonna do the laundry now and chill a bit at home before I head out to meet my Anki! <3
Oh, I haven’t had the time in the morning so I am gonna work out later today. I almost thought about skipping it BUT I have to force myself to go. I know I will feel so much better afterwards! What are your plans for today? Hugs, Branx