After a night out we met up for lunch, not at Vapiano this time. haha We thought it was ready for change and to eat lunch at a new place. There is this great new restaurant with great Soups and Sushi. Having a little hangover the soup I ate was the best choice ever. : ) It was a Noodle Soup with Veggies and Tofu. I drank Coke with it, which wasn’t the right choice. hehe

After this delicious lunch on Sunday we went for a quick ice-cream nearby.
To end the lunch with something sweet. I always need something sweet after I ate. hehe Do you feel like that as well?

The Week started with lots of work for uni and organisation. I like change in my life so I feel alive and alert. Speaking of changes, I wanted to color my hair for a long time. I thought of something completely different, balayage with a light brown base. But as it happens all the time for me, the end result turned out completely different. hehe Now my hair is chocolate brown, which I like as well. What do you think?

  A couple of weeks ago ( maybe 2?) our Cousin visited us from Croatia. She stayed for a week, it was super fun! Now it’s time for round two, another Cousin is just about to arrive to Vienna. We all are waiting for her to call and get picked up. I would not be awake still, cause I’ve got to work very early tomorrow. 
Anyways, I will see her tomorrow and we’re gonna do something fun! : )