in addition of colorful looks 9/2015Hey guys. After a busy week with almost no free time I finally cached the opportunity to show you the complete look of the latest post. Although there is lots of beautiful colored clothes out there, I somehow unlike most of them, easily. Fall is definitely the right time for tights paired with skirts, dresses or shorts. For me it is the only time of the year where you can wear the layered addition of colorful looks 9/2015in addition of colorful looks 9/2015A hat can really save your day sometimes. I am sure lots of girls and even boys can relate to me saying that hats are the perfect bad-hair-day solution. They not only look great but save you so much time in the mornings where you just can’t be bothered doing your hair. I am excited for the winter season to begin, so that I can wear beanies. 🙂 in addition of colorful looks 9/2015